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When planning for creativity

The magnitude of content online and in print can be extremely overwhelming when faced with a creative project, but if used correctly it can be an invaluable tool. This is how I plan for a project, a shoot or something that I need to design or write:

  • think of idea or accept a brief from a client (I try to not look around for the idea since you then have too many to choose from)
  • decide on a look and feel
  • search for inspiration images or articles or designs that complement the look and feel that you would like to achieve
  • chat to the people involved, a client or photographer, to see if you are on the same page
  • gather what you need for your project – props or paint or information (try to be flexible and make slight changes according to what you have available)
  • leave room for creative freedom on the actual shoot day or when you start designing or writing – your ideas might not work exactly as planned
  • edit – this is the most important part of any project – with good editing you will achieve the goal that you set out to do and it can elevate the project from good to great
  • reflect on the project and see how you can improve in future


There you go, eight simple steps.

Happy planning,

Joanita x