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Things changed suddenly. And we changed.

There are so many articles doing the rounds on how we are grieving for the past, for life as it was. South Africa is now in lockdown, like so many other places in the world. Trying to fight a common enemy by staying at home. The enemy is winning, we don’t know how it will turn out, but we can only hope that tomorrow things will be better, brighter, more normal. That this will not be a new normal.

I have decided to keep my mind positive with a daily #isolationcreation. I invite you to follow, and to do the same.

It feels as if this is the time for creatives to really step up. To lift the hearts and minds of so many out there that will not be able to perform their craft, to enjoy their hobbies or to do something that they love.

May we all get through this a little bit stronger, and different, even if this is the new normal.