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I love stationary. Always have, always will.

So with time I am trying to develop a few JOANITA.CO items that will add to the brand identity. It took more than two years but I at last had business cards printed and I am very happy with the final product. Who am I kidding – I will most probably still obsess about it for the next few days; but the printing was done by professionals and I loved seeing the machines in action.


So here they are; white textured business cards with blank letterpress front and gold foiled lettering on the back.

Email if you would like us to assist with any brand identity products.

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My friend Daniëlla is a local news reader and I asked her a few questions on how to build confidence and stay calm in stressful situations. We did the Q&A in Afrikaans and I translated the top tips that I would like to highlight. The complete Afrikaans interview can be found after the photo.


Q: What advice would you give someone that would like to build their confidence.

A: Put yourself in situations outside of your comfort zone. Do things that scare you and don’t give up when you make mistakes or make a fool of yourself – that will happen, and it’s okay.

Q: Three golden rules for public speaking

A: 1. Preparation – don’t think that you can wing it. 2. Practice makes perfect. An organisation like Toastmasters and repetition can help you to build experience. 3. Be yourself. Try to stick to subjects that you find interesting and have knowledge on.


Daniëlla van Heerden – photo by her husband, photographer Cornel van Heerden



My vriendin Daniëlla is ‘n nuusleser en dosent en in my opinie die perfekte persoon om raad te gee oor hoe om jou selfvertroue ‘n hupstoot te gee en kalm te bly in moeilike situasies. Ek het haar ‘n paar vrae gevra:

– Wat sal jou raad wees aan iemand wat meer selfvertroue wil kweek. Is dit iets wat jy mee gebore word, of kan jy aan dit werk? 

Jy kan beslis daaraan werk! Daar is enkele van die nuuslesers in ons kantoor wat van nature gemaklik en vol selfvertroue is, maar die meeste van ons moes dit maar aanleer.

My raad sal wees om jouself doelbewus uit jou gemaksone te plaas, dinge te doen wat jou bang maak en nie op te gee as jy foute maak of soms jou naam krater maak nie – dit gaan gebeur, en dis oukei.


– Drie goue reëls, volgens jou, vir voor mense praat.

1. Voorbereiding. Moenie dink jy gaan dit net “wing” nie, dis wanneer mense begin babbel of nonsens praat. Jy hoef jou woorde nie uit jou kop te leer nie, maar gaan sit en werk ‘n raamwerk uit, met kernwoorde, en oefen jou toespraak genoeg voor die tyd.

2. Oefening en ervaring. As jy bang is om voor mense te praat maar dit tog moet/wil doen, sluit aan by ‘n organisasie soos Toastmasters waar jy opleiding en blootstelling kry om voor mense te praat. Wanneer jy iets oor en oor en oor doen, word dit alledaags.

3. Wees jouself. Probeer sover as moontlik praat oor ‘n onderwerp waarin jy belangstel en waarvan jy kennis dra. Moenie te veel fokus op jou taalgebruik en styl nie, en moenie soos iemand anders probeer klink nie. Jy hoef glad nie te formeel of hoogdrawend te praat nie.


– Jy het daagliks stresvolle situasies, veral as jy regstreeks die nuus lees. Hoe hanteer jy hierdie situasies en bly jy so koel en kalm?

Dit lyk eintlik net so op die oppervlak!

Veral wanneer dinge skeefloop, knaag die senuwees maar erg. Maar oefening en ervaring help ook baie. Wanneer jy ‘n paar keer ‘n situasie moes hanteer (soos die teleprompter wat vries) leer jy uit jou foute en dit maak dit makliker wanneer dit weer gebeur.

Dit help ook om te weet ons het ‘n sterk span wat saamwerk aan die produk agter die skerms.


– As jy die dag glad nie lus is nie, hoe skep jy die moed bymekaar om uit te stap en steeds te “perform”.

Ek “fake” dit maar! Dit help nogal as jy weet jy is in ‘n beroep waar mense jou fyn dophou en jou slegte dag baie sigbaar is.

Dan probeer ek maar in daardie oomblik in ‘n ander “zone” ingaan en fokus op die taak wat ek moet doen (om kykers in te lig oor die dag se belangrikste gebeure) eerder as my gevoelens.


– Wat hoop jy sou die grootste les wees wat jy vir jou studente leer?

Ek is ‘n dosent aan die IIE MSA privaat universiteit (voorheen Monash) in Ruimsig in Johannesburg. Ek doseer joernalistiek en veral TV-joernalistiek.

Ek probeer hulle leer dat jou graad alleen nie sukses gaan verseker nie, veral in die joernalistiek. ‘n Sterk akademiese agtergrond is goed, – maar om ‘n suksesvolle verslaggewer te wees, verg baie ander eienskappe:

Spanwerk, deursettingsvermoe, durf, “people skills”, jy moet druk kan hanteer en planne maak!


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Event styling: Media24 Magazine Excellence Awards

There is little that compares to the feeling of success when a major project achieve the visual goals set.

I was commissioned by Clarisse Coetzee Events to do the styling for the Media24 Magazine Excellence Awards. For this event I worked closely with Emma Kotzé and interns to create a look that was mostly white with a little bit of Japanese influence and a good dollop of South Africa to top it off.

The flowers and vessels for the tables were carefully selected and curated. We bought and foraged, collected and dried flowers weeks before the event and combined these with a white, fresh orchid. The vessels, candle sticks and crockery were all a combination of white and cream pottery and crystal. I tried to keep everything as natural as possible with just that little bit of sparkle that will make it feel special. Intern Koelene de Lange was in charge of folding all the paper origami birds for the installation in the middle – we then also spent a good chunk of the set-up time on the installation. It made such an impression that it was worth all the effort. I had the amazing opportunity of working with a lighting designer to create different effects and colours that would change throughout the night, illuminating the birds and throwing shadows that worked as a piece of art behind the lectern. What an experience.

An event like this takes so much time and also collaboration. I worked at Media24 for many years before and I knew the designer of the invites, stationary (menus, programs etc) and artwork for the presentation. We included her in vision boards and decor strategy which meant that this element worked very well with the rest of the design. This is such an important element as it is the first introduction to the event with a save the date, and takes centre stage on each place setting on the table.

But enough words for now, I will let the images speak for itself.

Coordinator: Emma Kotze
Stylist: Joanita Cillié
Interns: Koelene de Lange & Anrike du Toit
Hiring: XL Events
Sound & Lighting: DNG Presentation Staging
Food design: Slippery Spoon Kitchen – Creative Food for Creative Events
Trophies: Rialheim
Photography: Retha Ferguson
Stationery design: Sally Laver

Venue: Roodebloem studios

Thank you to Clarisse Coetzee Marketing & Event Management ( for trusting me with the creative side of this event. I enjoyed every minute.

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Styling tips: the home edition

As I write this I find a discarded piece of baby marrow on my desk (not mine – my two-year old’s) and I have a baby in a chair behind me and a car seat next to me. My house is far from perfect and very much a work in process. Over the years I have however gathered a couple of top tips for decorating a space in a timeless, elegant way that will reflect your personality.

A few of my tips when buying items for your home or decorating your space:

  1. Stick to what you love

Find a style, colour or inspirational pictures that you have always loved and use that as a guide when making décor decisions for your home. If you are a minimalist, don’t buy too many accessories. If you love yellow, don’t be afraid to embrace it in your space. Surround yourself with items that you love, and that you have always loved, instead of the trends of the season. It’s hard to know which is which, just purely because of the consumer chain, but if you focus on a specific ideal you will at least have something concrete to work towards. Pinterest can be your friend if you stick to a plan.

  1. Don’t fall for trends

Big retailers are very good at finding products and trends and creating an in-store look that will make you feel like you have to redecorate your living room in the latest “it” colour and style. It is fine to buy one or two items that suit your space, but don’t buy products that inspire you to change the whole look and feel of your house. You will grow tired of trends, but never of the items that you are naturally drawn to.

  1. Buy what you need

As mentioned above, we as consumers are constantly manipulated into buying things. It’s great that it keeps an economy going, but this consumer driven lifestyle does get tiresome if you end up in an ongoing cycle of buying without ever feeling satisfied. Remember – we also need items that are purely there because you enjoy looking at it.

  1. Be careful at sales

This point is an extension of number three, but I feel so strong about this that I mention it alone. My husband is an auctioneer and his motto is that a bargain is only a bargain if you need it. Keep these words in mind when entering a big warehouse sale or buying old summer stock, it really does work and keeps you focused. Even though something is beautiful and marked much cheaper, it does not mean that you have the space for it or that you will ever use it.

  1. Don’t wait forever

I am extremely specific about what I love and what I want in my space. I will rather wait for the perfect find at the perfect price instead of buying something half decent because I need it. Originally it felt like the right way to approach decorating, but the flip side is that you never truly feel happy with your home because the perfect item is still waiting somewhere. Sometimes it’s the odd or quirky or the hand-me-downs that make a place homey and welcoming. Let your décor tell a story, nothing is ever perfect, and you shouldn’t live in a showroom but a beautiful space that tells the story of the people that live there.


My husband and I chose these art works together. We had an idea of what we wanted for the bedroom, but it took a while to find it. We eventually bought all three already framed at a gallery close to our house. They were all part of a show with a “golden” theme. While he is a minimalist, I am much more of a collector (in his words hoarder ;). But even minimalists love to collect art. We enjoy the process of choosing and finding something special that works well with the art that we already own, and our space.


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When planning for creativity

The magnitude of content online and in print can be extremely overwhelming when faced with a creative project, but if used correctly it can be an invaluable tool. This is how I plan for a project, a shoot or something that I need to design or write:

  • think of idea or accept a brief from a client (I try to not look around for the idea since you then have too many to choose from)
  • decide on a look and feel
  • search for inspiration images or articles or designs that complement the look and feel that you would like to achieve
  • chat to the people involved, a client or photographer, to see if you are on the same page
  • gather what you need for your project – props or paint or information (try to be flexible and make slight changes according to what you have available)
  • leave room for creative freedom on the actual shoot day or when you start designing or writing – your ideas might not work exactly as planned
  • edit – this is the most important part of any project – with good editing you will achieve the goal that you set out to do and it can elevate the project from good to great
  • reflect on the project and see how you can improve in future


There you go, eight simple steps.

Happy planning,

Joanita x



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New life

It’s been 10 weeks and one day since the birth of our son. This photo of us was taken in the beginning of April when he was only 11 days old.

We have been navigating the change, laying down new routines and adopting to a new way of life.

The Studio is slowly starting up again so please feel free to contact me for rates / availability. As always, the Shop is still open for orders and all South African orders will be delivered free of charge.





(photo: Adel Ferreira)



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Create a Look : Circle A4

If you fancy the green khaki trend, then Circle A4 is the perfect print for you. These decor products from South African retailers go really well with this print and will create a cosy atmosphere, just in time for autumn.




  1. Adler Certificate Frame, Country Road
  2. Plantador Pot Large – Noir, Hertex Haus
  3. Acacia Side Table 45cm, W Collection at Woolworths
  4. Bellini Moss Velvet Upholstered Dinky Retro Chair On Solid Walnut Turned Legs, LIM
  5. Surface Design Scatter, Weylandts
  6. Stockholm Ottoman, SHF
  7. Chanel Plasma, SHF
  8. Porter Sofa in Kale, SHF




Circle A4

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The Shop and the Studio

Not just a print shop

JOANITA.CO now has a Creative Studio arm with a variety of services. These include styling, writing, consulting and design. Please contact us for a rate card or if you are interested in custom packages or collaborations.


If all goes to plan we will welcome a new family member in the autumn, a sibling for our two-year-old daughter. The Shop will stay open with the same lead times as always. The Studio will however not take on any new projects for a month or two during this time.

Love, Joanita



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Welcome to JOANITA.CO

Welcome to the limited edition print shop JOANITA.CO.

Do you have a room in need of something special? Are you shopping for a birthday gift or is a friend or loved one getting married? Maybe you are decorating a nursery for your baby or a toddler room. We have something for everyone.

Our prints are made from original drawings and paintings that are scanned and printed on cotton paper.

Please contact us if you need some guidance or advice, if you have something specific in mind or if you would like to collaborate with us.

Follow the social media accounts (at the bottom of the page) and visit our site to keep up to date with new products and stories. We also have a newsletter that will give you the latest news on the shop, decor ideas and tips on how to style your print.

Hope that you enjoy your time on the site and see you soon.